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Instrinsically Safe Digital Test Gauge

New GaugeCalHP

Pressure to 15 000 psi  Vacuum to -12.5 psi

Our most popular comparator is now even better. In addition to the increase in pressure rating, it now requires 37% less effort to generate pressure. The included fine adjust allows for precise pressure control, even at 15 000 psi.

To increase stability, quickly bleed air through the CPF fitting weep hole, and capture excess fluid in the removable, no mess, drip tray.

You can even test large size gauges, using our unique pivoting manifold and quick alignment swivel connections.


New 15 000 psi XP2i

To combine with our new GaugeCalHP, we are now offering a 15 000 psi range of our popular XP2i digital test gauge. Like all other ranges, the accuracy is 0.1% of reading.

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